"Dia de Ouro" Special 50 year celebration!

Hello Cordão de Ouro family, friends and fellow Capoeiristas, comrades and companions.

It is with great pride that this year in 2017 we are celebrating 50 years of our group Cordão de Ouro. This year is going to be an extra special one for us all. Our affiliates, academies and training locations worldwide will be hosting a series of celebratory events throughout the year. We have even made an official commoration decree launched at our "Capoeirando" event in Ilhéus click here to see more.

Dia de Ouro da Cordão

Accordingly we are preparing our amazing line up and timetable for our landmark historic event called "Dia de Ouro" celebrating our 50 year anniversary which will take part from the 9th until the 13th of August in São Paulo, Brazil.

We will be hosting unique graduations, lectures, presentations, shows, various workshops, rodas and the release of brand new CD's/DVD's and Mestre Boca Rica's biography of the life of Mestre Suassuna and the history of our group.

This once in a lifetime opportunity will take place at the "Clube ADC Electropaulo" the perfect setting for this global gathering. This will be one week of huge importance for our group. So we accordingly await you all here to support us and celebrate this tremendous occasion, to come, contribute and ensure this event is a historic success.

Dia de Ouro da Cordão

This is a great opportunity to write and important chapter together in the Capoeira and Cordão de Ouro book and can not be missed.

A kind hug full of "axé" for you all.

Mestre Suassuna

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